Tips on sustainable travel

Here you can find supportive tips for sustainable travel and learn how to travel more sustainably in your favorite destinations. Get inspired and learn that sustainable traveling doesn’t require a large budget. Even for budget travelers, it’s not hard to travel more sustainably and responsibly.
Get infected by the same enthusiasm as fellow travelers, when you realize that anyone can easily implement some changes in their way of travel. So, bit by bit, anyone can travel more sustainably.

My mission

on sustainable travel

My aim is to inspire fellow travelers to pursue their passion for traveling in a more sustainable way, regardless of their budget. Thus, I offer inspiration, easily applicable tips and personal experiences. What drives me is my conviction that we need to continue to travel in order to see the beauty of this world. Only by having experienced its beauty, we realise how important it is to protect our beautiful home.
Therefore, I invite fellow travelers to follow my journey to becoming a more responsible traveler

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Why does traveling more sustainably matter?

Traveling is one of the most rewarding and most effective ways of education. It allows you to dive into foreign cultures and develop a deep understanding of the richness of diversity. Besides, you encounter amazing people of different backgrounds. By learning about their personal stories, you naturally grow more open-minded. Above all, you experience the wide beauty of this world. That’s how you deepen your awareness of the importance of protecting it.
While traveling can be extremely educating, certain ways of travel excessively harm our environment. Therefore, traveling is a widely discussed topic. We find ourselves in a drastic climate change whose impacts cannot be denied. While various admirable people around the world use their voices to promote movements, at the same time, others keep destroying rainforests and the natural habitat of so many species.

We need to continue to travel in order to experience the beauty of this world that we need to protect.

I’m convinced: We need to continue to travel in order to experience the beauty of this world that we need to protect. It should be clear that traveling is a privilege. Having access to this privilege entails the responsibility to travel consciously and sustainably. And with little effort, anyone can travel more sustainably. The point is: All of us need to make a change. And all of us can. In other words, each individual can take their own steps to make a difference.

You’re wondering how to combine your passion for traveling with the urge to protect our environment? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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