How about an island where you can cruise around in your rental car, from one glistering beach to the next turquoise bay, stop by tiny cafes for a drink, and tapas bars for a snack? An island with incredible beaches, rich culture, and yummy food. Time to get ready for Menorca!
Telling people that I was going to Menorca, some thought I was misspeaking and actually talking about Mallorca. Menorca is indeed lesser-known and lesser developed than its sisters Mallorca and Ibiza. That makes it also less touristy and quieter – which is exactly what I adore about this Balearic island. All the best beaches in Menorca are by far not as overcrowded as the ones in Mallorca.
And the Menorcan want to keep it that way, making a point of sustainably growing tourism. Introducing an island-wide sustainable tourism tax in 2016, the Menorcan show that they don’t want to come anywhere close to suffering from overtourism like its neighbor Mallorca.

Cala Macarella | Best beaches in Menorca

I have to admit, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Mallorca as well a few years ago. Expecting party tourists and Germans everywhere, I was hooked by a very different side of Mallorca. I got surprised by rural, peaceful countryside, an impressive coast, and tiny authentic Spanish villages. Mallorca is indeed worth seeing, but this travel guide focuses on its smaller sister with a very similar name: Menorca.
Regardless of where you’re staying on the island, there’s a lot to see. Even though it’s a small island, a rental car makes your stay more convenient. You can cruise around, from one glistering beach to the next turquoise bay, stop by cafes for a drink and tapas bars for a snack. So turn up some Reggaeton on the radio, wind down the windows, let the air blow through your hair, and start exploring!

Binibeca | Menorca guide

Menorca guide – What are the best things to do in Menorca?

Visit the stunning bays and best beaches in Menorca

Being on an island, the true Menorcan experience is all about visiting beaches and the coast. So a proper Menorca guide starts with the beaches in Menorca right at the beginning.
With over 90 beaches you could argue for hours about which ones are the best beaches in Menorca and which ones have the clearest water. The thing is: you won’t be disappointed by any beach you’ll visit. All of the beaches in Menorca are stunningly beautiful and could serve as a postcard cover. The sand is fine and the water is calm, clear, and turquoise everywhere.
It’s more about what you prefer: a natural bay (“cala”) framed by cliffs, a large beach (“platja”) with sunbeds, a lesser-visited one or a touristy one where you can get catered. Most of the bays and beaches are located in the south of the island. Some (the popular ones like Cala Macarella, Cala Turqueta or San Bou) can be reached by bus from Ciutadella or Mahón. But many can only be reached by car and some walking. So let’s take a look at the best beaches in Menorca.

Cala Macarelletta | Best beaches in Menorca

Cala Macarella

This one cannot be missed in any Menorca guide. Being one of the most popular and by many named one of the best beaches in Menorca, Cala Macarella fills up quickly. So you have to go extremely eeeearly in the morning. While Spanish people tend to start the day late, they’ll be there early to catch the best spots when it comes to beaches during their holiday. We arrived at Cala Macarella around 8:30 in the morning and the parking was filling up quickly. The guide told us that within an hour the parking would be full and the street closed. During high season (from 1st July to end of September) they close the parking completely. So the only way to get there during the summer months is to take a bus from Ciutadella or to park at one of the neighboring beaches (Cala Galdana or Cala de Turqueta) and walk for 45 minutes.
For those who can’t do a day by the beach without proper lunch, Macarella offers a restaurant.

Cala Macarella | Best beaches in Menorca

Cala Macarella | Best beaches in Menorca

Cala Macarella | Best beaches in Menorca

Cala Macareletta

Only divided by a scenic 10-minute walk from Cala Macarella, you reach Cala Macareletta. It’s like Macarella’s little sister but in my opinion way more beautiful. In my opinion definitely one of the best beaches in Menorca! You have to use the same parking as Macarella and be ready for some walking. But the path going there is extremely picturesque, so I’d highly recommend visiting it.
Do me a favor and don’t just rush there in search of the best spot on the beach. Take a break for a while and inhale the incredible views on the way from Macarella to Macareletta. It’s a moment you should soak up, spotting the clear blue water, some boats floating in the bay and a sea breeze refreshing you from the sweat.
Besides, when we went in June, many beaches in Menorca were swamped with seaweed, but Cala Macareletta was one of the cleanest. Beware that there are no facilities over there, just the beach among the cliffs and the turquoise water – a natural paradise. So bring enough water and snacks, but remember to leave nothing behind.
Cala Macarelletta | Best beaches in Menorca

Cala Macarelletta | Best beaches in Menorca

Cala Macarelletta | Best beaches in Menorca

The path to Cala Macarelletta | Best beaches in Menorca

Cala en Turqueta

Close to Cala Macarella is the next popular bay: Cala Turqueta. You get there taking the same road as towards Cala Macarella, or taking the bus from Ciutadella. Like most bays, you have to walk for a few minutes but will be rewarded with a blue sea and a beautiful beach. Same rule as for many of the best beaches in Menorca: come early to get a spot and peak at the bay while it’s not yet crowded.

Cala Mitjana

From the parking spot, you have to take a 15-minute walk through pine trees down to Cala Mitjana. It’s a small beach but really worth seeing. Next to some cliffs where you can jump in, the beach has very shallow, calm water to relax in. If you’re lucky, a woman selling fruits will arrive so you can refresh yourself. Because it’s a natural bay there’s nothing else there. And it can get quite crowded, as the beach itself is rather small.
Cala Mitjana | Best beaches in Menorca

Cala Mitjana | Best beaches in Menorca

Platja de Son Bou

Right in the middle between Ciutadella and Mahón, you can relax all day at the beach of Son Bou. This is another popular place, but quite different from the ones before. It’s a platja – a very long beach where you’ll find a restaurant, lifeguards, and sunbeds to rent. Often mentioned as one of the best beaches in Menorca, it’s a bit more touristy. But if you walk a bit, you’ll find a spot to have for yourself, as the beach is super long. We came just at the right time, around 3 p.m. when all the Spanish went for lunch, so we had lots of space.
Platja Son Bou | Best beaches in Menorca

Platja Son Bou | Best beaches in Menorca

Cala Binibeca

After visiting the remarkably pretty old town of Binibeca, we were just looking for a beach close by to cool down. So without any expectation, we headed to Cala Binibeca. It’s easily accessible, just a few meters from the parking lot. Thus, we were so pleasantly surprised by this hidden gem – mentioned nowhere but for me easily one of the best beaches in Menorca. The small bay has some shallow, crystal-clear water as if you were swimming in a pool. Besides, there is a small beach bar where you can refresh yourself.
Cala Binibeca | Best beaches in Menorca

Cala Binibeca | Best beaches in Menorca

Caló Blanc

Fancy some cliff jumping? Then Caló Blanc is the place to go. It’s not really a beach, as there are mostly cliffs, that make you feel like you’re in Croatia. Definitely the most beautiful shades of blue over there. For those who don’t like sand sticking to their body at the beach, laying down on the cliffs can be a better option. That’s why it shouldn’t be missed among the best beaches in Menorca.

Es Grau

Another stunning beach worth seeing is Es Grau – a long, shallow beach. Besides, kayaking is also a popular thing over there. You can book tours with a guide that last around 2 hours and stop by the historic cliff caves. Because the water is not deep in Es Grau, it’s supposed to be one of the best beaches in Menorca for families.
Best beaches in Menorca

Best beaches in Menorca

Cala d’es Talaier

This is another bay in the southwest of the island, attracting lots of Spanish girls for topless sunbathing. This is quite popular all over the island, by the way. As mentioned above, all beaches in Menorca offer blue water and an afternoon well spent.

Son Saura

Another paradisiacal beach with calm water and a gentle slope into the water is Son Saura. This southern beach is loved by locals as well as by tourists.

Explore the towns and villages

There are two main towns in Menorca: Mahon in the east (the capital) and Ciutadella on the other side (which used to be the old capital). The island offers some cute villages worth exploring as well. So just go with the flow and stop by some cute places just whenever you feel like it.


Do it like the Spaniards and just go with the flow through the old capital’s pretty alleys. It’s a great place to discover on foot during a relaxed afternoon, as it’s quite small. Yet, it’s full of beautiful boutiques, small jewelry shops, restaurants, and bars. Also, explore the historic streets at night and sip a glass of wine at one of the many bars’ outdoor tables. On Friday evenings there is even a cute market with lots of handmade crafts, jewelry, and local, sustainable goods.

Recommended stays:
In Ciutadella you can find a bunch of pretty boutique hotels, which are even quite inexpensive during the low season! Chech out the beautiful Nou Sant Antoni, the modern Sodium Boutique Hotel or S’Esparteria. All three of these are a fantastic base for your time in Menorca!

Ciutadella | Menorca guide

Ciutadella | Restaurants

Ciutadella | Boutiques & alleys

Ciutadella | Cathedral

Ciutadella | Menorca

Camí de Baix

When you’re in Ciutadella, don’t miss the chance to walk along Camí de Baix (the promenade along the town’s harbor) up to Castell Sant Nicolau.
The promenade starts at the historic center where fishermen used to store their boats in caves that are now turned into restaurants.
On the way, you walk past countless sailing boats, yachts, and villas right by the sea.
Shortly before reaching the small castle, you will see some caves in the rocks that had been used as graves in the past.

Ciutadella | Harbor

Ciutadella | Harbor

Ciutadella | Camí de Baix

Ciutadella | Camí de Baix

Pont den Gil

Just a 10-minute drive from Ciutadella is Pont den Gil – a stunning natural arch in the cliffs. You can park your rental car by the street and walk for a few minutes until you reach the cliffs. The view is fantastic! Take some time over there, let the salty breeze blow around your nose and soak up the sound of the waves.
Another plus: The local bus network from Ciutadella is quite good. So you can reach some of the best beaches in Menorca easily by local transport in case you don’t have a rental car.

Pont den Gil | Menorca guide

Pont den Gil | Menorca guide

Pont den Gil | Menorca guide

Where to eat in Ciutadella?

Despite being a small town, in Ciutadella, you find a good choice of nice restaurants and cafés.
Here are some recommendations:
For breakfast
  • Grab an Ensaimada (a local sweet pastry) at one of the local bakeries. We had some really good ones at Herbera Bakery.
  • For typical Spanish breakfast, there are many local cafés in the center, e.g. around Plaça de Senplaxada and Plaça des Born.
  • If you fancy a vegan bowl or some yogurt and fruits, check out the beautiful courtyard of Moriarty.
Ciutadella | Moriarty Restaurant

Ciutadella | Moriarty Restaurant


For lunch or dinner
  • Moriarty – a beautiful cobblestoned courtyard where you can enjoy tapas and gin tonic.
  • Cas Consol – with a small terrace from where you a picturesque view over the harbor. But you have to book a table, as it’s very popular.
  • Cova Sa Nacra – For dinner in the most beautiful location in a cave right next to the sea. This was probably my favorite dinner location in Menorca as the views are just stunning. It’s outside of Ciutadella (5 minutes by car or 30 minutes walking). The vegetable Paella was just amazing!

Menorca Guide | Best beaches in Menorca | Sa Nacra

Sa Nacra Restaurant | Menorca guide

Paella at Sa Nacra Restaurant | Menorca guide

Paella at Sa Nacra Restaurant | Menorca guide

Mahón (Maó)

Driving to the east end of Menorca you reach the island’s capital Mahón. It’s also where the airport is located.
Even though it’s the capital, it’s not that big and can be easily explored on foot.
Mahón’s historic center sits on top of a cliff above the harbor and is worth a stroll. The city’s harbor the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean. You can catch a beautiful view from Mirador del Pont des Castell or from Café El Mirador with a drink. Along the harbor, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and small boutiques.
If you fancy a drink or some tapas after visiting some of the best beaches in Menorca, you can do so at one of the many bars and restaurants along the harbor or at the Mercat des Peix (fish market). Don’t worry, not only fish is served there but many other snacks and good wine. And even if you’re not in a foodie mood, it’s worth peaking inside and walk through its stalls.
When visiting Mahón, you can also stop by Mola Fortress which is just a few kilometers from the town.

Recommended stays:
The beautiful Hotel Hevresac is not only a boutique hotel, but a certified “Biosphere Reserve” hotel committed to an ongoing sustainable model. With measures such as being plastic-free, and made from natural building materials they combine high quality design with an eco-friendly model. Also the products used for breakfast are organic and from small retailers.
Check out their availabilty right here!
If you feel like a treat, I can also recommend the beautiful Christine Bedfor!
And even if you’re on a small budget, you can find something in Menorca. Check out the cute Hostal Jume!

Mahón | Menorca guide

Mahón | Menorca guide

Mahón | Menorca guide

Mahón | Menorca guide

Mahón | Menorca guide

Mahón | Menorca guide

Binibeca (Binibequer)

Picture the most fabulous fishing village full of white-washed houses and intricate passages. Stop thinking about Fes, Santorini or Alberobello. Binibeca is just as pretty.
It’s not far from Mahón, as you can reach it within just a 20-minute drive. I’d definitely say it’s one of the best places to see in Menorca and close to some of the best beaches in Menorca. So worth a visit! With its all-white houses and narrow alleys (you can take me at my word with that – the alleys are extremely narrow), it offers some nice photo spots. Just wander around in the morning or explore it in the afternoon. Even though it’s tiny, you can totally lose track of where you are in that cute little maze.
As the number of tourists is increasing, the inhabitants have put up some “silencio” (silence, please) signs all over the place. So be a responsible and sustainable traveler and respect the inhabitants’ privacy.

Binibeca | Menorca guide

Binibeca | Menorca guide

Binibeca | Menorca guide

Binibeca | Menorca guide

Binibeca | Menorca guide

Binibeca | Menorca guide

Try Menorcan Food

Well, you’re on an island. As you’ve probably guessed, among the most typical dishes are all kinds of seafood. And there’s some delicious Menorquin white wine to accompany it.
Other typical Menorcan foods are:
  • Queso Mahón – Cheese produced on the island. Its saltiness is supposed to Stempel from the sea salt on the grass that the cows eat.
  • Ensaimadas – A typical pastry from the Balearic islands.
  • Arroz caldos amb peix – made with fresh and locally caught fish it is basically a hearty rice and seafood stew.
  • Caldereta de Langosta – This lobster stew is Menorca’s most famous dish and served in many restaurants throughout the island.
Apart from that, you should definitely try some typical Spanish food. Among my favorites are:
  • Paella – A yummy rice dish typically with seafood, but you can also find some with vegetables only
  • Croquettas – The typical croquettes are filled with Jamón (ham), but there are veggie options such as aubergine, cheese, or mushrooms as well
  • All kinds of Tapas – Different appetizers that are usually shared
  • Gazpacho – A tomato super served cold (so refreshing after a day in the sun
  • Tortilla – The Spanish omelet with lots of potatoes
Paella at Sa Nacra Restaurant | Menorca guide

Paella at Sa Nacra Restaurant | Menorca guide

Visit the Menorcan vineyards

In your Spanish holidays, your days will revolve around food, there’s no denying that.
An awesome plan for an afternoon after a day by one of the best beaches in Menorca is a visit to one of Menorca’s beautiful vineyards. Some produce not only their own wine but also Menorcan cheese.
  • In this Winery and cheese farm, you can do tastings, small tours and learn about its heritage production.
  • Perched in the countryside, Binifadet is one of the most important wineries on the island. It does not only offer great wine (with tours and tastings) but also a beautiful vine-covered terrace. In their restaurant, they serve local food with “zero kilometers” ingredients. That means all the ingredients are from the region. A beautiful, sustainable experience.
Menorca guide | Wine

Menorcan wine

Have a drink by the water for sunset

Awwww, sunsets on islands. That’s the picture-perfect plan for a holiday, isn’t it?
The island of Menorca offers not only numerous bars right by the sea but also some amazing cliffs where you can bring a bottle of wine or some drinks and get soaked up in nature’s beauty. Just remember to take all your trash with you, after you leave.
Here are some top picks on where to watch the sunset in Menorca:
  • Cova d’en Xoroi – A bar hidden in the cliffs with stunning views. Here you can enjoy the sunset with a cocktail in hand. It’s quite well known among locals (and some tourists). You need to pay to enter but get a drink of your choice. You should come early to get a good spot.
  • Cova Sa NacraA restaurant and bar hidden in the cliffs that you wouldn’t recognize from the street. But when you go down the stairs, the view blows your mind. It’s great for good food as well as for drinks. I’d recommend reserving a table.
  • Cavallaria lighthouseThis lighthouse is a popular spot to watch sunsets by yourself. Take a walk there and inhale the beauty of the sea while the sun slowly goes down.
  • Punta Nati – This lighthouse is another place perfect for watching the sunset on the cliffs.
Menorca guide | Sunset

Menorca guide | Sunset drinks

Take a boat tour

Being surrounded by the sea all the time, you may start gazing at all those chic boats where people are sipping drinks and enjoying the sunsets from the water. In case you’re like me, you’re probably not rich enough to rent a private boat. If I’m wrong – enjoy!
Anyway, there are other options to spend a day or half a day on a boat to see the gorgeous beaches in Menorca from a different point of view.
How about a South Coast boat excursion for half a day or a sunset tour? Menorca is probably one of the best places to experience from a boat. So indulge yourself a day and let the Spanish vacation feeling kick in.

Visit some historic sites

Did you know that Menorca is the island with the world’s highest density of prehistoric sites? Yep, there’s lots of history and archeological places to be seen. Your major interest may be the best beaches in Menorca, but this Menorca guide would never be complete without some historic sites. So dive into the island’s historical heritage and soak up some culture before your lazy nap on the beach.
  • Dating back to almost 3000 years ago, these chamber tombs are still a mystery. They look like a pyramid or a ship upside-down and are scattered across the island. You’ll see some of them while you’re driving around but some can also be visited. Nowhere else in the world these chambers can be found.
  • Taulas
    Made up of several stone structures that also date back thousands of years ago, the Taulas may remind you of Stonehenge. There’s still a lot that remains unknown about the meaning or function of these stone structures. They may have been religious sites and are also dotted across Menorca. Easily accessible examples are the Taiot y Taula de Trepucó or Taula de Torrelisar (both near Mahón)
  • Not far from Mahón there is an old English fort called Fort Marlborough, a remainder of the period of British rule which lasted until the end of the 18th century.
  • Monte Toro
    As the highest point on Menorca, the views from Monte Toro can’t be missed. If you’re up for some hiking you can walk to the summit, but you can also easily drive to the top to enjoy the view.
Naveta d’Es Tudons | Menorca Guide

Naveta d’Es Tudons | Menorca Guide

Menorca – a wrap-up

Menorca in three words: bays | turquoise water | vineyards
Did you know? Menorquin – Menorca’s official language – is a dialect of Catalan.
Favorite photo spot: The path from Cala Macarella to Cala Macareletta
Favorite food: Veggi Paella at Cova Sa Nacra. Or an ice cold Gazpacho after a day by the beach.
Can’t miss: Sipping a glass of Binifadet wine or even visiting the vineyard
Offering a beautiful mix of impressive cliffs, white beaches with turquoise water, yummy food and culture – I’ve definitely fallen for Menorca. What about you?
Best beaches in Menorca guide | jillonjourney

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