So, you’re heading to the vibrant capital of Catalonia and you’re on the hunt for the perfect eco-hotel in Barcelona? Well, you’re in luck! 

As someone who lives in Spain myself and is fortunate enough to get to Barcelona pretty frequently, I’ve traversed the city’s lively streets, charming districts, and even nearby serene countryside, exploring accommodations that are as good for your holiday as they are for the planet.

Ready to dive into an adventure that marries sustainability and comfort? I’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best eco-friendly and small hotels in Barcelona – each unique in its charm, each green in its spirit. Whether you want an eco boutique hostel in Barcelona, a bohemian hostel, or a rural resort, I’ve got you covered. 

So stick with me, because you’re about to discover the perfect eco-base for your Barcelona exploration!

Casa Vincens, a hidden gem in Barcelona / Casa VIncens, ein Geheimtipp in Barcelona

1. Eco Boutique Hostal Grau Barcelona

Picture this: staying in a family-run, carbon-neutral boutique hotel in Barcelona that effortlessly blends modernity, sustainability, and traditional Catalan charm. How’s that for a guilt-free vacay?

Well, the Eco Boutique Hostal Grau Barcelona is beckoning you with open arms. Located smack in the middle of the bustling Ciutat Vella district, this little eco-haven is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from many local attractions like Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter, and the MACBA (the contemporary art gallery that’s easily one of the best museums in Barcelona).

Now, here’s where things get even better: Hostal Grau has sustainability built into its very bones. Think things like upcycled furniture, organic cotton linens, and low-energy lighting. 

Every room also comes with a ‘Green Switch’, a nifty little device that lets you cut off the electricity when you head out to explore. It’s basically the very definition of leaving a light footprint!

And let’s not forget about the organic wines and tapas on offer at the in-house bar. You’ll love their dedication to local produce, not to mention the fact that it’s all just utterly, mouth-wateringly delicious.

Eco Boutique Hostal Grau Barcelona
Eco Boutique Hostal Grau Barcelona

Recommendation for an eco boutique hotel in Barcelona: Eco Boutique Hostal Grau

  • family-run
  • carbon-neutral
  • upcycled furniture
  • organic cotton linens
  • low-energy lighting
  • ‘Green Switch’ to cut off the electricity in your room before leaving
  • organic wines, tapas and local produce
  • located in the Ciutat Vella district
  • small hotel in Barcelona
  • eco boutique hotel in Barcelona

2. Sleep Green – Eco Youth Hostel

Sleep Green – Eco Youth Hostel should definitely be high on your budget- and eco-friendly itinerary. Now, don’t let the ‘Youth Hostel’ part fool you. This place is all about cool, comfortable vibes and welcoming travelers of all ages, from every corner of the globe.

Centrally located in Barcelona’s Eixample district, Sleep Green is the perfect base to explore Barcelona’s jaw-dropping architecture (Hello, Gaudí!), vibrant nightlife, and mouth-watering cuisine. Plus, it’s just a stone’s throw away from the metro, making it a breeze to zip around the city.

But let’s dive into the green part, shall I? This is the first urban youth hostel in Spain to be awarded the EU Ecolabel in recognition of its commitment to sustainable tourism. 

All the electricity comes from renewable sources, they’ve got water-saving showers, and recycling is an absolute must. They’ve even implemented a fabulously efficient waste management system to cut down on landfill contributions!

Sleep Green has also waved goodbye to single-use items. Instead, you’ll find multi-use kitchen utensils and biodegradable cleaning products. And did I mention the comfy recycled wood bunk beds? They’re like cozy little eco-nests, just waiting for you to snuggle in!

Sleep Green - Eco Youth Hostel Barcelona
Sleep Green - Eco Youth Hostel Barcelona

Recommendation for an eco-hostel in Barcelona: Sleep Green – Eco Youth Hostel

  • awarded the EU Ecolabel in recognition of its commitment to sustainable tourism
  • electricity from renewable sources
  • water-saving showers
  • high recycling efforts
  • efficient waste management system
  • no single-use items and biodegradable cleaning products
  • recycled wood bunk beds
  • located in the Eixample district
  • small hostel in Barcelona

3. Hotel Pulitzer

Next on the list of eco-hotels in Barcelona is the legendary Hotel Pulitzer, situated right in the hubbub of Plaza Cataluña. Stepping outside, you’re practically tripping over architectural masterpieces and history-soaked streets. 

This means that the Gothic Quarter, the famous Passeig de Gracia shopping street, and some of Barcelona’s most famous architecture courtesy of one Antoni Gaudí are all just a short wander away. Let’s just say that it’s definitely not a bad thing when your backyard is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

But the Pulitzer isn’t just a pretty face with a prime location. It’s also a GreenLeader in the TripAdvisor community, a title given only to those serious about their eco-initiatives.

From the rooftop terrace where local flora thrives to the on-site restaurant which sources organic and local produce (wait till you try their paella – it’s a game-changer), Hotel Pulitzer is leaving no stone unturned in its quest for sustainability.

And the rooms? Frankly, they’re amazing. With natural light pouring in, they feature wooden floors certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Even the amenity kits are biodegradable

Plus, the hotel works tirelessly to minimize its carbon footprint through efficient energy use and waste reduction. So if you’re ready to live the lush life without hurting Mama Earth, Hotel Pulitzer is your place.

Pulitzer, one of the best eco hotels in Barcelona
Pulitzer, one of the best eco hotels in Barcelona

Recommendation for an eco boutique hotel in Barcelona: Pulitzer

  • awarded a GreenLeader in the TripAdvisor community
  • rooftop terrace with local flora
  • restaurant with organic and local produce
  • wooden floors certified by the Forest Stewardship Council
  • efficient waste management system
  • efficient energy use and waste reduction minimizing its carbon footprint
  • located right at Plaza Cataluña
  • boutique eco hotel in Barcelona

4. H10 Cubik Eco Hotel

H10 Cubik Eco Hotel is located in the lively Ciutat Vella district, meaning you’re perfectly placed to discover Barcelona’s historic charm and modernist marvels. A short stroll will take you to Las Ramblas, the Cathedral, and the Picasso Museum.

But H10 Cubik isn’t just about the location. It’s an avant-garde creation inspired by geometric shapes and dressed in futuristic design. This hotel is as much an art piece as it is an eco-conscious accommodation.

H10 Cubik is committed to the philosophy of the “3 R’s” – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. They’ve cut down their plastic use by over 70%, use LED lighting throughout the building, and have swapped out those pesky mini toiletries for eco-friendly bulk dispensers.

And then there’s the ‘Cubik Farm’, an urban organic garden flourishing on the hotel’s rooftop. This oasis not only helps to reduce CO2 emissions but also provides fresh produce for the hotel restaurant.

Speaking of food, their mouthwatering menu pays homage to local and seasonal ingredients. How’s this for an experience: savoring a delectable Catalan dish, under the Barcelona sun, with a stunning view of the city, knowing that your meal hasn’t traveled halfway around the globe to get to your plate. Now that’s a guilt-free gastronomic delight!

H10 Cubik, an eco friendly hotel in Barcelona
H10 Cubik, an eco friendly hotel in Barcelona

Recommendation for a premium boutique eco hotel in Barcelona: H10 Cubik 4* Sup

  • eco-conscious design hotel
  • ‘Cubik Farm’ – organic rooftop garden
  • restaurant uses fresh produce from the rooftop garden, local and seasonal ingredients
  • strong focus on the “3 R’s” – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
  • cut down plastic use by over 70%
  • LED lighting throughout the building
  • dispensers instead of plastic-packed mini toiletries
  • located in the Ciutat Vella district
  • premium eco-hotel in Barcelona

5. Casa Camper

Casa Camper is an eco-friendly boutique hotel that’s as playful as it is sustainable. Located in the hip and historic Raval neighborhood, you’re right in the mix of everything artsy, cultural, and uniquely Barcelona.

And here’s a fun fact for you: Casa Camper is brought to you by the same folks who created the famous Camper shoe brand. Talk about stepping into a new venture (pun absolutely intended)!

When it comes to being green, Casa Camper leads the pack with energy-efficient practices like the use of solar panels, LED lights, and a rainwater recycling system. But the eco-fun doesn’t stop there! 

The rooms, as cozy as they are eclectic, are cleaned using eco-friendly products. Plus, every room showcases recycled art installations that give a nod to the shoe-making heritage of its founders.

When hunger calls, their restaurant, Dos Palillos, serves up an extraordinary fusion of Asian and Spanish dishes, all made from locally sourced ingredients. And let’s not forget the 24-hour free buffet that serves organic snacks and drinks. It’s like your personal, round-the-clock eco-picnic!

So, if you’re keen on a chic, eco-conscious stay that puts a spring in your step, Casa Camper is your green home away from home!

Casa Camper, an eco boutique hotel in Barcelona
Casa Camper, an eco boutique hotel in Barcelona

Recommendation for an eco-friendly boutique hotel in Barcelona: Casa Camper

  • eco-conscious design hotel
  • solar panels
  • rainwater recycling system
  • cleaning with eco-friendly products
  • locally sourced ingredients and organic snacks in their restaurant
  • recycled art installations in each room
  • located in Raval, the art district
  • eco boutique hotel in Barcelona

6. EcoZentric

EcoZentric is nestled in the heart of Barcelona, right in the L’Eixample district, meaning that you’re never more than a short stroll away from Gaudi’s modernist masterpieces or the luxurious Passeig de Gracia.

And this place wears its love for Mother Earth on its sleeve. Seriously, EcoZentric is as green as it gets

It runs on green energy, features low-consumption appliances, and offers electric vehicle charging for the road-trippers among us. Every single piece of furniture is either made from reclaimed wood or recycled materials, and they only use eco-friendly cleaning products.

Plus, each room at EcoZentric features a small kitchenette complete with an eco-mini bar stocked with organic goodies and local snacks. Can you say ‘eco-gourmet paradise’?

If you feel like basking in the Spanish sun, make sure to check out their urban garden. This green sanctuary in the city center grows local plants that help reduce CO2 emissions, and it’s the perfect spot to relax after a day of exploration.

EcoZentric, a small eco hotel in Barcelona
EcoZentric, a small eco hotel in Barcelona

Recommendation for an eco-hotel in Barcelona: EcoZentric

  • eco-conscious design hotel
  • green energy
  • hotel with electric vehicle charging
  • furniture made from either reclaimed wood or recycled materials
  •  only eco-friendly cleaning products
  •  eco-mini bar stocked with organic goodies and local snacks in every room
  • urban garden
  • donates part of every booking to the reforestation of woodland
  • located in the Eixample district
  • eco boutique hotel in Barcelona

7. Yök Casa Cultura

Yök Casa Cultura is an eco-retreat like no other. This isn’t just a hotel; it’s a cultural experience wrapped in a sustainable package, tucked away in the heart of the vibrant El Raval neighborhood.

Yök Casa Cultura occupies a beautifully restored modernist building that breathes Barcelona’s architectural heritage. But don’t let the old-world charm fool you – this place is as green as they come!

All the renovation materials were locally sourced and low impact, and the building runs on renewable energy. Talk about old meets new, right? Plus, they’ve got a waste-reducing and recycling plan that would make any eco-warrior swoon.

But what really makes Yök Casa Cultura shine is its commitment to promoting local culture. They host regular events showcasing local artists, musicians, and chefs.

And every room is tastefully adorned with artworks and handicrafts made by local artisans. You’re not just staying in a hotel here – you’re immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Barcelona’s local culture.

Feeling peckish? Savor seasonal, organic bites and sips from the local eco-kitchen. Enjoy your meal on the stunning rooftop terrace, and take in the breathtaking cityscape.

Yök Casa Cultural eco hotel in Barcelona
Yök Casa Cultural eco hotel in Barcelona

Recommendation for a cultural immersion and eco-hotel in Barcelona: Yök Casa Cultura

  • cultural experience and eco-hotel
  • promoting local culture with regular events showcasing local artists, musicians, and chefs
  • artworks and handicrafts made by local artisans
  • renovation materials locally sourced and low impact
  • the building runs on renewable energy
  • waste reducing and recycling plan
  • local eco-kitchen with rooftop terrace
  • located in the Raval district
  • small hotel in Barcelona with apartments

8. Hotel Yurbban Trafalgar

Hotel Yurbban Trafalgar is an eco-friendly oasis that lies in the buzzing district of Ciutat Vella, a stone’s throw away from the Palau de la Musica Catalana, Picasso Museum, and the enchanting Gothic Quarter.

This gem has a fresh, funky vibe, and it’s all about responsible luxury. Energy-efficient lighting, water-saving devices, recycling and composting programs – Hotel Yurbban Trafalgar really checks all the green boxes.

Their spacious rooms are a nod to chic, eco-friendly design, featuring furniture made from recycled materials and sustainable hardwoods. And the organic cotton linens and eco-friendly toiletries are just cherries on top of this sustainable sundae!

But the real highlight? The rooftop terrace with a stunning solarium and swimming pool, boasting a panoramic view of the city that will leave you awestruck.

You also shouldn’t miss the in-house restaurant, where you can taste the best of Catalan cuisine prepared with fresh, local, and organic ingredients. I can definitely recommend trying the tapas while sipping on a glass of organic wine from their extensive list. It’s an experience your taste buds will thank you for!

Yurbban Trafalgar eco hotel in Barcelona
Yurbban Trafalgar eco hotel in Barcelona

Recommendation for a luxury eco-hotel in Barcelona: Hotel Yurbban Trafalgar

  • responsible luxury hotel
  • furniture made from recycled materials and sustainable hardwoods
  • energy-efficient lighting
  • water-saving devices
  • recycling and composting programs
  • rooftop terrace with pool and panoramic view
  • in-house Catalan restaurant offering fresh, local, and organic ingredients and organic wine
  • located in Ciutat Vella
  • modern boutique eco hotel in Barcelona

9. Mas Salagros EcoResort

It’s time to head out of the city center for the next one, to the beautiful Mas Salagros EcoResort. Found in Vallromanes, just 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Barcelona, this spot is a blissful union of luxury and eco-conscious living.

Spain’s first 100% organic resort, Mas Salagros, is a haven for any nature lover. It’s situated in a gorgeous, rural setting, flanked by the Serralada Litoral Nature Park, and it exudes tranquility and calm.

Housed in a traditional 15th-century Catalan farmhouse, the resort maintains its historic charm while embracing green initiatives. The rooms are kitted out with 100% organic cotton linens, and every dish in their three restaurants is prepared with organic products from their very own garden.

And I can’t miss the Aire Ancient Baths. Imagine unwinding in thermal baths or enjoying relaxing massages with natural, eco-friendly oils. Ahhh, bliss!

This is the spot to rest, rejuvenate, and revel in the beauty of nature, all while reducing your carbon footprint. Mas Salagros EcoResort is perfect for the eco-tourist looking for a countryside retreat with a hint of Barcelona nearby!

Mas Salagros EcoResort an exceptional eco hotel in Barcelona
Mas Salagros EcoResort an exceptional eco hotel in Barcelona

Recommendation for an eco-resort just outside of Barcelona: Mas Salagros EcoResort

  • Spain’s first 100% organic resort
  • all rooms with their own terrace
  • bathrooms with eco-friendly products
  • organic cotton linens
  • three organic restaurants and an ecological wine bar
  • thermal baths, lake, and two swimming pools
  • cooking classes e.g. including preparation of ecological jams
  • located in a rural setting in Vallromanes
  • next to Serralada Litoral Nature Park
  • eco-hotel in a renovated farm close to Barcelona

10. Hotel Barcelona 1882

And here we go, back to the vibrant city, wrapping up our eco-tour at Hotel Barcelona 1882. Located in the heart of the Gracia neighborhood, it’s within striking distance of the iconic Sagrada Família.

Now, let’s talk about that intriguing name, shall we? The ‘1882’ isn’t just a random number – it’s a tribute to the year that construction began on Gaudi’s masterpiece. And the homage to the artist isn’t just in the name – the hotel’s sustainable design is inspired by Gaudi’s love for nature.

The hotel is a shining example of sustainable practices. From the geothermal energy used to heat and cool the building, to the solar panels on the roof, everything about Hotel Barcelona 1882 is designed to reduce energy consumption.

The rooms are a perfect blend of comfort and eco-friendliness, featuring organic linens, natural wood furnishings, and a state-of-the-art energy management system.

But the absolute star of the show is the green oasis on the rooftop, complete with an outdoor pool and a stunning view of the Sagrada Família. Talk about waking up to an inspirational view!

Feeling peckish? The in-house restaurant, Galvany 1714, whips up mouthwatering Catalan dishes using fresh, local, organic ingredients. So you can indulge your palate without compromising on your eco-ethics.

So if you’re looking for a sustainable, comfortable, and uber-stylish stay in Barcelona, Hotel Barcelona 1882 is calling your name.

Hotel 1882, a boutique eco hotel in Barcelona
Hotel 1882, a boutique eco hotel in Barcelona

Recommendation for an eco-hotel with the best view in Barcelona: Hotel 1882

  • geothermal energy used to heat and cool the building
  • solar panels
  • rooms featuring organic linens and natural wood furnishings
  • state-of-the-art energy management system
  • rooftop terrace with a view of the Sagrada Família
  • in-house restaurant serving Catalan dishes made from local, organic ingredients
  • located in the Gracia quarter
  • boutique eco-hotel in Barcelona

Did you enjoy these eco-hotels in Barcelona? Have you ever stayed in any eco-friendly accommodation in Barcelona that we have to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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